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Dimanche 27 mars 7 27 /03 /Mars 18:32
- Publié dans : Life

Madonna met son appartement de NY en vente: 22 millions de $.

Exclusive: Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil
03/26/11 5:44pm Roger Friedman

Exclusive: Madonna may be in hot water over her charity for Malawi, but life goes on: I am told that in anticipation of her move to the East Side of New York, she’s selling her duplex apartment in a building called Haperley Hall at Central Park West and 64th St. The apartment–spread over 5500 square feet on two floors– has five bedrooms, two wood burning fireplaces. The monthly maintenance is said to be a whopping $11,000 a month. But with clear views of Central Park West, it may turn out to be well priced.
Madonna, meawhile, is packing up and getting ready for her move to a double wide townhouse with 26 rooms on East 81st St. She paid a reported $40 million for the house, which has 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms– important if you’re adopting more kids, and having young live in boyfriends. All this business of millions of dollars being spent on lavish homes does raise a question re the non built school in Malawi that Madonna promised that poor country. She seems to have abandoned the project over a misappropriated $3 or $4 million. The amount is a fraction of what she’s spending on just her New York residence. Charity does begin at home!
PS The move across town kind of screws things for Madonna’s Africa documentary, “I Am Because We Are” (aka “We Are Because I Am”). In the film she said the people of Africa were really nice, and nothing like them like could be found on Central Park West, in London’s Park Lane, or on Rodeo Drive–her points of reference. Maybe on the Upper East Side, among more private mansions, she can find that missing spirit. Good luck, Madonna!

Source: Showbiz411.

41 Central Park West
Between 64th & 65th Streets
Harperley Hall

A great vestige of the Arts and Crafts style, Harperley Hall located at 41 Central Park West was designed by Henry W. Wilkerson.
Built in 1910 & converted to a co-op in 1983 ¦ 12 floors & 85 units

Building Esthetics & Construction:
The flat roof has a slight overhang with the underside decorated with thick dentil molding and rosettes. The two-story top section of the building is highlighted by window surrounds revealing the cubic form with repeating geometric designs. One continuous balcony runs in a stringcourse and curves around the building, separating the mid-section from the top.
The entrance to Harperley Hall is on the side street at 1 West 64th Street, and features an open, “t” shaped court and manned gatehouse. The façade comprises coarse, dark-brown brick arranged in subtle patterns to provide a sense of texture, and the mid-section of the building contains several iron balconies. The three-story base of 41 Central Park West features many flowerboxes under the windows and the verdure of this vegetation is striking.

Full-time doorman ¦ manned gatehouse ¦ roof deck ¦ courtyard

Located between 64th and 65th Streets, Harperley Hall shares the block with the impressive co-op building, The Prasada at 50 Central Park West. The Time Warner Center at 59th Street and Columbus Circle provides access to Whole Foods, an Equinox gym, and several fine restaurants, bars and shops. The A, C, B, D and 1 subway lines are accessible at the north and south sides of Columbus Circle at 59th street. There is also an entrance for the 1 train at 65th Street and Broadway.

All of the Harperley Hall apartments have high ceilings and oversized windows. Excluding the units that have been combined, the building comprises studios to three-bedroom residences ranging in size from 400 to 2,500 square feet. Some of the apartments feature fireplaces and balconettes.

A beautiful and rare Arts and Crafts style building in New York City; apartments feature high ceilings, large windows and some have fireplaces and balconettes; pet friendly

According to Wikipedia, the building was named after a manor house in Northumberland, England, Wilkerson’s ancestral home. Wilkerson and a group of investors purchased the property. The original group included Wilkerson, Mary Bookwalter, a decorator, Dwight Tryon, an artist, Wallace Irwin, a humorist and concert manager Loudon Charlton. According to the corporate papers they filed their goal was to build a cooperative “suitable for artists’ studios.” The building's artistic appeal survived throughout the 20th century, with pop star Madonna eventually becoming one of Harperley Hall's high-profile residents.
According to New York City Starwalks, actor Melanie Griffith also used to live in the building.

Source: Haus Fitzgerald, Manhattan Real Estate Guide.

Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil

Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil

Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil
Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil
Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil
Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil
Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil
Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil
Madonna Puts NYC Apartment Up for Sale: $22 Mil

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