Madonna refused to buy letters written by Wallis Simpson

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Madonna a refusé d'acheter des lettres écrites par Wallis Simpson.

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Madonna Refused Offers to Purchase Wallis Simpson's Letters For "W.E." Research Purposes
Thu, 05 Jan 2012 15:26:08
Maggie Pannacione

Madonna really took her role as director of her first film W.E. quite seriously and has revealed an impressive skill as a result.
Madge refused to buy letters written by Wallis Simpson, one of the lead character, who is a real person, in the film. She found the letters as she researched source material for the film. Instead of buying them, the singer memorized what she read.
Madge has a good memory. She wasn't being cheap or frugal. She was being efficient and effective.
In a chat with the British edition of Glamour, Madonna revealed that "I'm sure I've read every book on the Duchess of Windsor. And once people knew I was doing research and writing the script, they wanted to sell me their letters. I didn't purchase any, but I read them, noted the information and then said 'Thanks, but no thanks.' I watched every documentary ever made, and stayed at the house in the south of France that they lived in during the war – it's now owned by Roman Abramovich. I tried to go to places that they were at and soak up their energy. Of course, I wasn't allowed in Windsor Castle."
At least Russian billionaire Abramovich let her check out the south of France house.
W.E. follows the forbidden love affair between Simpson and England's King Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne due to his love for the American woman.
Are you planning to see W.E.?

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