Madonna reveals casting struggle

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Madonna révèle les problèmes de casting.

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Madonna reveals casting struggle
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(Cover) - EN Movies - Madonna has revealed that casting Wallis Simpson in her new movie W.E. was difficult because she was so “specific”.
The film follows the relationship between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson.
Madonna struggled to find the right person to fit the role.
I couldn’t cast the king until I cast her and she took the longest to find because Wallis Simpson is so specific,” she told the February issue of the UK edition of Glamour. “On the one hand, she was extremely feminine and on the other hand, she was very androgynous. She had a steely veneer to her but at the same time she was extremely vulnerable. And also her physicality, the way she held herself, it really needed someone who could carry off all the couture that Wallis wore.”
Eventually the star selected British actress Andrea Riseborough to play the character.
Madonna knew it would be a challenge as she had a very clear idea of what she wanted to express through the film.
[I wanted to show] how Wallis made it clear to the king that life was going to be very tough,” she explained. “He felt incarcerated by the responsibility of being king and she was clear that he was going to incarcerate them in a different prison. She said, ‘I will be the most hated woman in the world,’ and did try to run away from him. I thought it was important to tell her side of the story.”

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