Madonna reveals Lourdes steals her clothes

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Madonna révèle que Lourdes lui pique ses fringues.

From Grazia:

EXCLUSIVE: Madonna Reveals Lourdes Steals Her Clothes!
12 January 2012 by Hattie Brett

All eyes were on Madonna last night at the premiere of her new movie WE – and hands too. Her business partner Guy Oseary was apparently spotted brushing her hair as she spoke to journalists on the red carpet. So does Madonna command such star attention at home? No way!
My kids don’t fear me at all. Home is another place where I’m not anybody,’ a source told Grazia Madonna revealed to Graham Norton’s chat show yesterday (on TV Friday).Every morning at six my daughter Lourdes creeps into my bedroom when I’m asleep to take things out of my wardrobe. She then comes in to say goodbye to me without the item on and then puts in on as she leaves the house. She had a pair of my boots and my nanny told her she’s kept them at school in a locker for over a week and she needed to bring them back because her mum would need them. She just said: “She’ll get over it.” That’s it.’ So that explains the frequent pictures of Madge and Lourdes wearing the same clothes then!
But does her mother worry about her growing up too fast? And in the spotlight? ‘Yes. I mean I think she can handle it but she’s a teenager and she wants to be left alone to be a teenager,’ she revealed. ‘It’s something we talk about. It worries me that she’ll want to leave and go to college. Part of me wants to lock them all away and keep them safe.’ Better think about doing that to your wardrobe in the meantime then too, Madonna…

Madonna reveals Lourdes steals her clothes
Madonna and Lourdes

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