Madonna's boyfriend Jesus Luz ''should attract good energy''

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L'ami de Madonna, Jesus Luz, "devrait attirer une bonne énergie".

By 3am's Clemmie Moodie and Danielle Lawler

Is Madonna's boyfriend Jesus Luz finally living up to his name at the ripe of age of 22? The Brazilian model seemed to see the light after celebrating his birthday last Friday.
He said: "My father admired Jesus Christ as the most philosophical mind of all time. So, when he named me, he made a deal, like, I'm going to name you Jesus so everything good in life is going to come to you because they're going to make the homage to Jesus. It's a very special name."
He also told Interview magazine: "My name is "Luz," too, which means "light" in Portuguese. I should attract good energy."
And material girls...

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Madonna's boyfriend Jesus Luz ''should attract good energy''
Jesus Luz

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