Madonna's childhood home history

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L'histoire de la maison d'enfance de Madonna.

Madonna's fire-damaged childhood home on the market for less than $50G
May 3, 2011 | 3:40 PM ET
Erika Riggs ZILLOW

Although one-name international phenomenon Madonna prefers to spend most of her time at her homes in London and New York, she grew up in a brick home in the neighborhood of Rochester Hills, about thirty minutes outside Detroit, MI.
Madonna’s childhood home has now hit the market with a listing price of $48,600 — low even for an area near Detroit; median Rochester Hills home values are $173,400.
Madonna shared the two-story home with her seven siblings, leaving home at age 18 to attend a few semesters at the University of Michigan before dropping out to pursue a dance career in New York City. Madonna’s father and stepmother moved out of the Colonial-style home in July 2001, selling the home for $270,000.
Like the Material Girl herself, the home is no stranger to bad press. The unassuming house first gained notoriety when it was placed for sale on eBay on November 17, 2001, attracting bidders from all over the U.S. The highest bidder, Sam Michael, took the property in 12 minutes with a purchase price of $331,000. He told the Detroit News that he hoped to make a profit reselling the wooded property.
But, it appears Michael’s plan didn’t work out that way. According to Zillow’s Price History chart, the home was then sold in 2004 for $324,000 and again in 2005 for $245,000.
The home received coverage again in 2008, when it was gutted by a weekend fire, presumably started by arson. The fire began in the living room when none of the home’s inhabitants were home, and was reported by a passerby. No official cause of fire has yet to be determined.
In 2009, as the home remained empty and fire damaged, residents of the Rochester Hills neighborhood began to complain about Madonna’s childhood home being a blight in the community.
It has been a burned wreck for more than a year… It is a shame. Most of our neighbors keep their homes quite nice,” longtime Rochester Hills resident Nick Rizzo told The Oakland Press in an November 2009 article.
Rizzo and others attempted to get the city to force the owners to clean the property up, but the home owners never showed in court.
Madonna’s Michigan home is now on the Rochester Hills real estate market again — with a very affordable listing price. However, the 1.3-acre property still retains significant fire damage and according to the listing “needs some work.” The home has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fireplace in the library and an attached two-car garage.
Don’t expect Madonna to purchase her past home and fix it up; she hasn’t been in Michigan since 2008 when she appeared at the Traverse City Film Festival.

Source: Fox News.

Madonna's childhood home history

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