Madonna's crucifix bag

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Le sac crucifix de Madonna.

Our Lord & Saviour Python And Crocodile Leather Cluthes

With Easter just around the corner, this collection from “Our Lord & Saviour” caught my eye. There’s too little I understand, to my great shame, about religious symbolism translated into fashion or everyday objects. And the very sight of misused (in my view) sacred symbols creeps me big time.
Getting back to the clutches: “Our Lord & Saviour” showcased the Fall Winter 2010 collection under the “Olympus Teneo” signature. The python leather and the crocodile leather versions retail at $3,265 and $8,695 respectively. While I’m sure the Lord himself kindly disapproves all this, let me fill you in on the bags creator (Jason Salstein) explanations!
The crucifix was not for shock value at all, but rather an introduction of the sacred Gothic aesthetic I want to convey. It just happens to be the subject that receives a lot of attention and moves me the most and others as well. I am sure that Catholics are not the only individuals that venture to Italy and visit the Sistine Chapel or Vatican. People ooh and awe at the paintings, frescoes, Michelangelo’s marble Madonna etc.
While his ambitions pushes him into associating a clutch with the Sistine Chapel, I still find these designs hard to stomach! Should I be less harsh and strict about it?

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Madonna's crucifix bag

Madonna's crucifix bag
Madonna's crucifix bag
Madonna's crucifix bag
Madonna arrives at her Birthday Party at Shoreditch House in London on August 14, 2010.

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