Madonna’s Film Funding Nightmare!

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Le cauchemar de Madonna pour trouver des fonds pour son film!

Nov 06 2009. Posted by Adam

MADONNA says she’s having trouble securing funding for her new movie project.
The Queen of Pop — who is divorced from film director Guy Ritchie — admits she’s having a tough time getting people to pay for and star in her film.
Right now I just finished writing a script and I am trying to get funding and casting for it, believe it or not,” she said. “It’s called We, and it’s a love story. It is two parallel love stories told from a woman’s point of view, obviously.
One is a historical story that took place with the duke and duchess of Windsor. And the other is a story I made up about a couple in New York.”
Madge, 51, recently described herself as “the old woman that lived in a shoe”.
I am happy to be back in America,” she told British newspaper The Sun. “I’m happy to be living in New York.
Last year was a very stressful year – I’m not going to lie about it.
I feel good now though. I feel like I have adapted to my new life.
My apartment is a bit small. I’m like the old woman that lived in a shoe.”

Source: Showbiz Spy.

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