Madonna’s Jesus Romance is a ‘Sham’

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La romance de Madonna pour Jesus est une 'feinte'.

Oct 10 2009. Posted by Adam

Madonna’s “sizzling romance” with Brazilian model Jesus Luz is a big ol’ sham, it has been claimed.
Sources close to the Queen of Pop have laughed off recent reports Madonna and Jesus will marry, revealing the 22-year-old is treated like just another member of her staff — and is convenient only for Madge’s PR purposes.
Britain’s Now magazine reports that Madonna and Jesus do, on occasion, have sex. Which is nice to know.
Even Madonna’s entourage treat him like a shoe boy — he has to fetch them drinks and get their food,” said one insider.
They also sleep in separate beds most of the time — Jesus has his own quarters so that he doesn’t disturb Madonna’s sleep.
Basically, he’s just another member of staff like all the others. He even hangs out with the girls in the staff quarters when Madonna’s busy with her workouts or meetings. It’s ridiculous to even think that they have a sizzling romance.
Jesus does, on occasion, sleep with Madonna to service her.
Coming from a Brazilian upbringing, he’s a bit more open-minded about sex and regularly flirts with Madonna’s entourage – men and women. But he knows going out with Madonna can lead to big things for him career-wise.
At the end of the day, there’s absolutely no way that overnight he’s suddenly the love of Madonna’s life.”

Source: Showbiz Spy.

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