Madonna's Material Girl Collection: The Bags

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Collection Material Girl de Madonna: Les Sacs.

Madonna "Material Girl" Bags
By Man Snob Jim on July 2, 2010 6:00 AM
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Madonna's "Material Girl" collection available exclusively at Macy's August 3: I'm not buying it. The clothes I can actually see on young girls as they have some definite stylish appeal, but it doesn't look like Madge and Lourdes spent too much time on the accessories--at least where the bags are concerned. Granted, nearly the entire collection is priced $12 to $40, so for that I will cut them some slack. Maybe I'm a Bag Snob and would rather spend my $20 on a suede eraser to maintain my saddle shoes, but I was expecting something a bit more visually appealing in terms of the accessories. Is that big metallic bag supposed to be a yoga bag? A gym duffel? It remains a bit unclear how the bags sync with the clothes, which have a much clearer cut correlation to Madonna's iconic outfits over the decades. But, alas, it's not my dollars Macy's was after in investing millions into this project. I have no doubt the tween market will eat this up.

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Madonna's Material Girl Collection: The Bags
Madonna's Material Girl Collection: The Bags

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