Madonna's romance loses intensity

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La romance de Madonna perd de son intensité.

Sunday May 1,2011
By Adam Helliker

It’s not easy being Madonna's boyfriend.
The latest casualty of the sinewy singer’s demanding lifestyle is her young squeeze Brahim Zaibat. Madge coaxed French-born Brahim under her duvet six months ago, after being impressed by his flexibility on the dance floor as she watched him at a Paris nightclub. But now her romance with her lithe lover, who at 26 is half her age, has lost its initial intensity.
Friends say the problem lies with Brahim’s family, who are devout Muslims. “They’ve been pressuring him to cool things off,” reports my source. “His mother doesn’t approve of Madonna’s lifestyle and the age difference and, from a religious point of view, she certainly doesn’t want him getting involved in Madonna’s Kaballah meetings.”
Not that it seems the young chap will be devastated if the relationship comes to a decisive end. After all, he wasn’t too fazed when he was first introduced to Madonna, recalling: “It wasn’t like meeting a monster. She may be an extraordinary artist but she’s just a woman like all the others.”

Source: Sunday Express.

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