Madonna’s secret for her eternal youth: her ring!

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Le secret de Madonna pour sa jeunesse éternelle: son anneau!

Madonna’s secret
Thursday, July 22, 2010
By Clint Holton P. Potestas

WHO would have thought that the ring around Madonna’s finger has the same component for the formula that has kept her eternal youth?
But first, thanks to the late Cleopatra of Egypt—the legendary icon often described by scholars as beautiful, ugly, or “somewhere in between”—for opening up the possibility of making this century-old composition into a beauty secret.
This has been the buzz about what kept (the 51-year-old pop singer) Madonna’s skin youthful,” says Betty Yu, beauty consultant of Skin Glow: Facial Skincare and Skin Whitening Center, on the out-from-Hollywood treatment called Stem Cell Skin Therapy that is known to use 24 karat gold leaf to reprogram damaged skin cells.
Yu and her lean team of dermatological practitioners have been privately trained in Manila and abroad to learn the contemporary means of operating the gadgets and taking care of the skin.
During the training, I was informed that the gold mask has made Madonna’s skin young. It’s the same element in making pure gold accessories,” she states. Thus, she adds that it has no allergic reaction to the skin because it’s completely non-toxic.
Once the gold element has penetrated the skin, it will accelerate the cell growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthier skin. It is also considered as an immunosuppressive agent that will slow prevent sagging.
At the same time, it decreases inflammation and melanin secretion. With its radical eradicator, the element averts pre-mature aging process.
In 1992, French archeologists dug out the mystery of the youth for Egypt in the 14th century. The records showed that Queen Cleopatra assigned her servant to produce a special mask made of pure gold. By wearing this mask to sleep every night, she maintained her beautiful face for long years until she died,” Yu shares.
Not a surprise, after all. It was Cleopatra who also discovered lipstick by crushing carmine beetles that produced a deep red pigment.
Augmenting the gold treatment is the collagen induction system, stimulating the skin to produce new collagen by the use of a roller with very fine bristles. This improves the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients.
However, the procedure can only be done by licensed dermatologists, skin surgeons, medical assistants, nurse and certified therapists.
Located at 1466-B8 Villalon Drive, East Capitol Site, the aesthetic center also has three-dimensional eyelash extenders for those who would like to skip the two-hour gold facial and instead, let their eyes speak of the beauty found within.

Source: Sun Star.

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