Madonna's ''Sticky & Sweet Tour'' CD-DVD: review by 'Cameron M'

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CD-DVD "Sticky & Sweet Tour" de Madonna: revue de 'Cameron M'.

Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD
Reviews, By Cameron M, 7th April, 2010

Ta-daaa! Madonna, the world’s fittest and most-infamous 51-year-old is back with a new tour DVD, and whaddya know? It’s good. But what else would you expect from Madge, the self-confessed biggest control freak in the world?
Let’s break it down.
The show is divided into four sections – Pimp (S&M theme), Old School (for Madge’s classic songs), Gypsy (Romanian folk music and dance), and Rave (eastern influences).
Crammed into these four parts is a stack of new material from her last album Hard Candy. To Madonna’s credit, the live performance format really saves some of the atrocious songs on said album.
Case in point – Spanish Lesson, a song that made me want to eject Hard Candy from my stereo and fling it out the window as quickly as possible. To any die hard Madonna fans out there gasping at this criticism, check yourself. We all know that it’s a crappy song. But when you put Madonna, Spanish Lesson, and thousands of screaming Argentinean fans together into one arena, the song sounds – and looks – incredible.
Similarly, during She’s Not Me, four Madonna lookalikes dressed to represent four different Madge eras (the cone bra, Material Girl, etc) emerge on the circle stage. When listening to the song on Hard Candy I’d give it a “Meh” out of 10, but watching Madonna belt the song out while beating up her lookalikes, and finishing off the act with a jaw dropping solo dance, it’s hard not to stare in awe. Apparently Hard Candy was all about context…
A few of the Madonna tracks are played and performed as mash ups in Sticky & Sweet. Madonna’s Rain is remixed with the Eurythmics’ Here Comes The Rain Again, and Music is performed with samples of Indeep’s Last Night a Deejay Saved My Life and Put Your Hands Up For Detroit.
It’s an interesting format, but for all of the remixing of non-Madge songs with Madge songs, Like A Prayer laid over Felix’s Don’t You Want Me is the only one that gets my feet tapping.
Sticky boasts a lot of hip hop style dancing, matching with the R&B direction of Hard Candy. Naturally her dancers are hot and incredibly talented, and they nail every single move that’s been choreographed for them. But within the confines of their hip hop mandate, it feels like they aren’t given the chance to flaunt their full range of wares during the tour.
As always, the visuals accompanying Madge’s show are spectacular. The use of video for her hugely political and controversial Get Stupid Remix is the best example, where historical world nemeses and tragedies such as Adolf Hitler, starving nations, and even John McCain are juxtaposed with images of heroes, including Mother Teresa and Barack Obama. The point? To encourage us to think for ourselves and act without hesitation. Oh, and to make another quintessential Madge statement, of course.
Madge’s duets with Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams are performed with the men themselves appearing and singing in the videos behind Madonna. Britney appears in video during Human Nature, and the crowd goes insane when the song finishes with her classic line “It’s Britney Bitch.”
The HD is so crisp that you can almost see Madge scowl at any dancer who puts a toe out of line; the only obstacle preventing this is Madge’s penchant for botox, which prevents scowling and a whole array of other facial expressions available to the general, non-botoxed-to-the-hilt public (it’s OK Madonna – we’ll still love you even when you have wrinkles…).
I should mention that I forced my boyfriend to watch the DVD with me, and about 20 minutes in he commented on Madonna’s incessant hip gyrations. It’s a common denominator that can also be seen in Confessions and most of Madonna’s film clips since the year 2000. Sticky & Sweet could easily be renamed the “Madge and her Vadge Tour”, but I digress.
One of the most annoying things is Madonna’s newfound love for playing the guitar. Call me a heathen if you must, but by the fifth time Madonna picks up the guitar to pluck out a tune I reach for the fast forward button. I would prefer to stare at her vadge while she performed wicked dance moves and camp disco tunes across the stage, thank you very much.
There is a poignant moment right before the song “You Must Love Me” where Madonna picks up the guitar (ugh) and stops to address the audience. “It’s good to be back!she cries. “After 13 years!she continues. “Too long, right?she asks. “Never again, right?she promises.
Of course the one-sided dialogue is met only with rapturous applause from the audience. I wonder what she’ll tell Australians when she finally comes back? Madonna, in case you’re reading this, it’s been 17 years already and it’s not like you’re getting any younger, OK?
Given that the show has been recorded in Buenos Aires, it’s fitting that she performs Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. During this song, the looks on peoples’ faces as the camera scans the crowd are priceless. Sheer love for Madge (and her vadge) abounds in everyone. Later on in the DVD, a woman is shown with euphoric tears streaming down her face during Like a Virgin.
Someone recently said to me “Madonna has really nailed the live performance format, hasn’t she?” After watching Sticky & Sweet, I feel like I both agree and disagree.
After unleashing her mind blowing Confessions Tour, Madonna had some huge expectations to live up to. If I compare it to Confessions, a tour DVD that I’ve literally watched over 50 times, Sticky & Sweet falls short. Technically it’s spectacular, but it lacks originality and the “WOW” factor that I was hoping for.
I guess the reason I’m being so hard on Madonna is because I, like all of her fans, know that Madonna is capable of putting on a much, much better show.
That said, Madonna remains one of the most dedicated, talented, and determined performers of today. Despite my gripes, fans will love the Sticky & Sweet DVD and we’re already eagerly awaiting her next album and global tour.
Hurry up already Madonna!
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Check out Madonna’s Get Stupid Remix below from Madge’s Sticky & Sweet tour.

Madonna's ''Sticky & Sweet Tour'' CD-DVD: review by 'Cameron M'

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