Madonna’s Toyboy ‘Jealous of Guy Ritchie’

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Le Toyboy de Madonna ‘Jaloux de Guy Ritchie’.

Oct 25 2009. Posted by Adam

Madonna’s close relationship with ex-husband Guy Ritchie is starting to affect her romance with toyboy Jesus Luz, according to reports.
The Brazilian model, 22, apparently hates the fact Madonna and Guy — who divorced earlier this year after almost eight years of marriage — spend so much time together.
Jesus is upset at how often Guy seems to be featuring in Madonna’s life lately,” revealed a source close to the pop superstar.
He understands they are keen to maintain good relations for the sake of the family but Jesus made a comment about just how frequently she seems to be seeing her ex — and it’s fair to say it didn’t go down brilliantly with her.
Words were said on both sides and tensions have grown in the relationship but it can’t be easy seeing your girlfriend spending so much time with her ex husband.”
We reported last week how the singer and the film director regret splitting up.
The pair of them have huge egos so, rather than speaking directly to one another, they are using friends to relay information,” a source said. “The truth is both Guy and Madonna are becoming more and more open in their admissions that in many ways they regret getting divorced.
It’s one of those rare situations where couples start to get on better once their marriage is over.
Both of them are brilliant with the kids and have fond memories of their family life together.
It’s almost as though they have forgotten about all the rows they had as their marriage headed for the rocks.”

Source: Showbiz Spy.

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