Madonna’s Toyboy ‘Makes Her Feel Young’

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Le Toyboy de Madonna 'la fait se sentir Jeune'.

Monday March 15, 2010

Madonna’s romance with toyboy Jesus Luz is going from strength-to-strength — because the Brazilian model helps the aging queen of pop in her eternal quest to feel young.
The singer, 51, and Jesus — who also moonlights as a DJ — have been dating on and off since early last year.
For her, the relationship makes her feel good and keeps her young and that is all she cares about besides the children,” a source told Fox News.
Jesus understands Madonna and for all their age difference, they never fight.
They make each other happy and neither one gets jealous when they are apart. It’s a simple relationship that works for them.
Jesus just wrapped a DJ gig in Montreal and he brought along 3 friends. While he was busy working at Club Unity, they had a fancy dinner at Otto and hung out and did the partying and drinking for him.
Jesus spun his set and quietly set up residence in the penthouse E-WOW suite at the W Montreal. His biggest splurge was ordering himself room service!
Jesus has taken on a husband-like role in the household and he spends lots of time with the children.
He’s an older brother/father figure. They travel together and the family is close.
She loves having him around and he makes her smile all the time.
He doesn’t take advantage of Madonna and respects her as a partner and friend. He’s very nice and interested in people, but he has a close circle of friends and he is careful not to divulge anything about Madonna outside the circle.
When Jesus is out in public, he avoids making eye contact with women on purpose. He is always friendly, but he will end a conversation with a woman quickly. Jesus even avoids alcohol, he’ll have a beer but that’s about it. He knows that eyes are everywhere.”

Source: Showbiz Spy.

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