Madonna's 'True Blue' Tribute Album: 'definitely an album to keep'

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L'album hommage à "True Blue" de Madonna: 'certainement un album à garder'.

Madonna's 'True Blue' Album: Now With Indie Cred!
MTV - Apr 25 01:31pm.
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There are some albums that pop up on your shuffle playlist and you never get sick of them, no matter what. Madonna's True Blue happens to be one of those records for us here at Buzzworthy, and it turns out we're not the only ones that feel that way. Indie label Paper Bag Records has released a Madonna tribute album featuring several of the label's artists covering each song from Madonna's hit 1986 record. And it's free!
Electro-pop duo Woodhands start off the record with a synth-y cover of "Papa Don't Preach," and Canadian singer/songwriter Laura Barrett's vocals on "La Isla Bonita" take the original tropical dance jam in a much more haunting direction. But it's indie-pop foursome Winter Gloves' cover of the album's title track, "True Blue," that wins. Guest singer Hannah Georgas' vocals are refreshingly light, and (surprise!) there's a sax breakdown!!!
This True Blue (along with Madonna's original, obviously) is definitely an album to keep front and center in your arsenal. It says, "I appreciate classic pop music," while also saying, "I got this lamp at Urban Outfitters." Madonna tracks + indie cred? There's your ticket to nabbing your next girlfriend, fellas. You're welcome.

+ Download Paper Bag Records' tribute to Madonna's True Blue (for free!) here.

 Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog.

Madonna's 'True Blue' Tribute Album: 'definitely an album to keep'

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