Madonna Searching For A Surrogate Mother

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Madonna recherche une mère-porteuse.

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Madonna is reportedly searching for a surrogate mother to have her baby.
The 51-year-old singer doesn’t want her age to prevent her from expanding her family and is considering her options after meeting with fertility experts. Even though rumours have been circulating that her relationship with 23-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz is on the rocks, Madonna is believed to be keen to have his child.
Madonna wants another baby of her own, so she is meeting with fertility experts. Jesus is totally on-board with the plan, so nothing should stop her now,” a source told Grazia magazine. “Madonna has been seeing the best doctors and fertility experts in the world to see if they can make this happen for her. She knows it will be tough finding the perfect surrogate to carry her baby, as they will have to be discreet and utterly trustworthy throughout the pregnancy and birth.”
It has been claimed she was inspired to investigate surrogacy after speaking to actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who had twins via a surrogate mother last year.
Madonna already has four children - Lourdes, 13, Rocco, nine, and four-year-old Malawian orphans David and Mercy. Even though she has opened her home to kids from other countries in the past, Madonna wants to try another path this time.
After what she went through during the adoption of Mercy, Madonna is ruling out going back to Malawi. There is no way she wants to put herself in that position again, where she thought she had the baby, then there were endless delays and red tape.”
Earlier this year, Madonna sparked reports she was planning to have another child after she was seen visiting a fertility doctor. Since they began dating in 2008, Jesus has developed a close bond with Madonna’s children and is keen to have kids of his own.
"Jesus is very religious and deeply in love with her,” a source said. "He adores her kids but has always wanted a child of his own. He told Madonna fatherhood would be his greatest adventure, and that he wanted to go on this journey with her."

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