Madonna slums it in Rio to raise funds

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Madonna visite un taudis à Rio pour lever des fonds.

Updated: 19:52, Saturday November 14, 2009

Pop veteran Madonna has paid a visit to a Rio de Janeiro slum as part of an ongoing crusade to establish social projects in the impoverished region.
Joined by Rio's Governor, Madonna toured the favela and also visited social projects run by local NGOs.
During her week- long visit, Madonna met with local business people and officials in Brazil to collect donations for her.
Local residents admitted visits from celebrities like Madonna helped their cause.
'Her visit is very special to us, because like Michael Jackson and other artists who have visited the slum, for us it is always a great feeling to see artists here in the favela because many people outside discriminate us, while an artist, a governor, or a mayor don't discriminate us.' Michel Luz da Silva, a Dona Marta Favella resident said.
Madonna has reportedly agreed to ring in 2010 at Copacabana beach and is considering a possible concert during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Source: Sky News.

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