Madonna To Give Music A Rest

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Madonna va faire une pause dans la musique.

Thursday, May 06, 2010
Geraldine Jeremiah

As Gordon Kho so eloquently put it, “In the age of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, how does a female singer compete?” The answer is to shed as much clothes as is legally possible in a music video or just give up singing altogether. Miley Cyrus has taken the risqué route but Madonna, who has been there and done that, isn’t going to bother. According to Interview magazine, Madonna has claimed she is going to give her music career a break and maybe focus instead on film directing.
After all, what’s left for Madonna who has already passed herself off as an actress, fashion designer and children's book author? And even though her directorial debut in the 2008 film Filth And Wisdom was pretty much panned by critics, Madonna is determined to give it another shot for her upcoming movie W.E, which follows the events of one the English royal family’s controversies where King Edward abdicated from his throne to marry is lover Wallis Simpson.
Another reason for Madonna hanging up her rhinestones and cone bras is that she isn’t signed to any label currently and is well aware that it would be difficult to get her music out without one.

Source: Galaxie Blog.

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