Madonna to release the ''Sex'' book in 3D for the 20th anniversary

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Madonna veut sortir le livre "Sex" en 3D pour le 20ème anniversaire.

Madonna plans to celebrate 20th anniversary of ‘Sex’ book
April 16th, 2011 2:42 pm CT
Peter Buchanan
Chicago Pop Music Examiner

On October 21, 1992, Chicago book stores such as Barnes & Nobles and Krock & Brantano’s had lines all around the block for people getting ready to buy Madonna’s ‘Sex’ book, the project that buried Madonna’s career for four years after many claimed she went too far. Virgin Records in Humboldt Park sold over 800 copies in three hours.
Madonna never apologized for the controversy, despite the cruel criticism. According to British tabloids and some local newspapers, Madonna is now going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sex’s debut by releasing the book in 3D stereoscopic format. “Although the original pictures weren’t shot in 3D, there were enough shots taken of each scene where 3D pictures can be recreated,” says a source close to the project.
Some say that this is not a good idea. Jon Kraemer, a popular Chicago radio personality in the 1990s, remembers how the book hurt Madonna’s career. “Before October of 1992, Madonna was the hottest person on the earth. After October of 1992, she became a huge joke. She rebounded later in the decade, but never hit her pre-Sex stride again. “

Source: Examiner.

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