Madonna Turned Down By Yoga Guru

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Madonna laissée tombée par un gourou du yoga.

29 October 2009 12:00

Madonna was left fuming after a famous yoga guru refused to give her private lessons - insisting the singer would have to take a class like everyone else.
The pop superstar recently parted ways with her longterm fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, revealing she wants to "try a new method of working out."
But Madonna's plan to hire Bikram Yoga inventor Bikram Choudhury went awry when the Indian multi-millionaire turned down her request, accusing her of being too temperamental.
He says, "Madonna came to me and asked for private lessons. I would have none of that. If you want to learn from me, then you have to come to my classes. You have to leave your ego behind. If you disagree with her (Madonna), you're immediately blacklisted."
Choudhury insisted none of his other celebrity clients, including George Clooney, Jessica Simpson, and Jim Carrey, have objected to his methods.
He adds, "They do 90 minutes of yoga whenever they're near a Bikram school - even when they are overseas."

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