Madonna wins write record in the press

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Madonna gagne le record des écrits dans la presse.

Madonna’s write-up record
Published: 21/12/2009

MADONNA has been named as the most written about celebrity of the past decade in Britain.
Researchers found Madge, 51, featured in 45,633 national newspaper articles.
The top male in a "Column Inch Countdown" was ROBBIE WILLIAMS, 35, with 27,976 articles.
Most written about in 2009 was MICHAEL JACKSON - who died in June - followed by SIMON COWELL, 50.
Alex Ayling, of online TV channel Liv, which commissioned the survey, said: "Madonna's ability to re-invent herself and her image kept her at the top."
BRITNEY SPEARS, 28, was the most-searched name on website Ask Jeeves.

Source: The Sun ShowbizBizarre.

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