Met Gala 2011: Madonna shocked guests when she confessed she felt fat

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Gala Met 2011: Madonna a choqué les invités quand elle a confessé qu'elle se sentait grosse.

‘I feel fat': Madonna shocks Met Gala guests with her surprise confession
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:04 AM on 4th May 2011

One of the most sculpted singers on the planet revealed she felt ‘fat’ in her red carpet gown last night.
Madonna sent a tremor of disbelief through the prestigious Met Gala when she confessed that she felt less than perfect in her designer gown.
The dress, designed by Madonna’s good friend Stella McCartney, left the fashion pack all agreeing in unison that the singer looked sensational in the blue, floor-length silk gown that was adorned with stars cascading down the back.
But it would seem the impeccably svelte and sculpted singer had been robbed of her red carpet confidence yesterday evening.
She told the assembled reporters: 'I feel fat.' according to celebrity website US Weekly.
Famed for her vigorously disciplined macrobiotic diet and intense fitness regimes, the 52-year-old mother of four left bystanders shaking their heads in disbelief at the singer’s surprise confession.
Nobody could have guessed that behind her red lipped smile, the Queen of Pop was battling with a few body confidence issues.
Feeling frumpy and uncomfortable is something Madonna will surely not have felt since her pre-workout days, back in the 1980s, but it could be that the star’s recent change in fitness routine is the reason for her low self esteem.
At the end of 2010, Madonna famously sacked her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, in exchange for her own personally tailored workout regimes.
It was not long before Madonna's former trainer retaliated over her dismissal.
In January this year, Tracy voiced her disappointment at losing Madonna as a client when she boldly predicted the singer would end up ‘going back the other way.’
The celebrity trainer, whose sought after services are responsible for the super slim figures of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, implied that without her help Madonna would undoubtedly go back to her old, bulkier frame.
She told Grazia magazine: ‘I reversed the years Madonna spent getting bulky and made her more feminine, but I think she’s going back the other way now.’
Tracy added: ‘You just have to look at any of the other women I work with and you can see that’s not what my method produces.’
But fashion critics at last night’s stylish event only had praise for the iconic singer’s appearance.
Teaming the gown with Cartier jewellery and a pair of Sergio Rossi heels, onlookers all agreed that the Material Girl still looked beautifully polished and that the Stella McCartney dress was possibly the prettiest thing Madonna has worn in years.

Source: Mail Online.

Met Gala 2011: Madonna shocked guests when she confessed she felt fat

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