MTV's Video Music Awards: Five '80s moments to remember

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Video Music Awards de MTV: Cinq moments des années 80 à se rappeler.

Are you a virgin to MTV's Video Music Awards? Five '80s moments to remember
SEPTEMBER 12, 2010
Posted by Steve Spears at 6:43:35 am on September 12, 2010

MTV's Video Music Awards practically made Madonna back in 1984. Before rolling around on stage in a wedding dress during Like a Virgin, she was just another pretty face with a couple catchy songs. After the MTV VMAs, Madonna was a legend.
It's hard to believe that most of greatest momemts in MTV Video Music Awards history involve Madonna, but think about. Her Vogue performance. Her sloppy, French kiss with Britney Spears. Am I missing one? I gotta be missing one.
What's most important is that the MTV Video Music Awards return tonight at 9, telecast live on that network that used play ... ummm, what were they called? Oh yeah, MUSIC VIDEOS!
You can blow it off as shameless celebriteering if you want. But you'll miss what everyone will be talking about for the next few weeks if you do. Read my preview of tonight's event here. And then get ready for tonight's show. No wedding dress required.


5. 1995 - Courtney Love disrupts Madonna interview: First she threw things and then, after being invited up by MTV's Kurt Loder, Courtney Love took over in inimitable fashion.
4. 1988 - Guns 'n Roses performs Welcome to the Jungle:  For many years, this performance defined rock at the MTV Video Music Awards. This is the glory that was Guns 'n Roses.
3. 1994 - Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley kiss: It was really not that big of a surprise to see the newlyweds together, but the kiss was a bit of a shocker. The biggest kiss in MTV Video Music Award history until another pair of kisses almost 10 years later.
2. 2001 - *NSYNC with Michael Jackson perform Pop: What better way to close out a performance of the song "Pop" than with the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Justin Timberlake beatboxing while MJ dances is a moment to treasure.
1. 2003 - Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera: Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera perform two unforgettable kisses. One of the most audacious pop music performances in the history of television.
Source: St. Petersburg Times.

MTV's Video Music Awards: Five '80s moments to remember

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