Paris Hilton And Madonna Spark Boom In UK Ferret Sales

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Paris Hilton et Madonna suscitent un boom dans les ventes de Furets au Royaume-Uni.

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Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Madonna have sparked an interest in ferret sales in the UK after buying the furry mustelids as pets.
, 29, has a menagerie of different animals and recently stepped out holding her pet ferret.
Fans are now copying their favourite celebs by buying one of the animals for themselves and they've sparked a boom in sales.
Ian Kearns from the Research Trust said: "Ferrets have had bad press over the year, but they are clean, intelligent and attractive.
"A ferret is an excellent companion as they adapt to different lifestyles."
Kearns added whilst ferrets can sleep for 18+ hours each day, they still need to have food, water and constant care. They cannot be left for long periods of time.

Source: MusicRooms.

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