Scissor Sisters ''Shady Love'' featuring Madonna

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"Shady Love" des Scissor Sisters figurant Madonna.

The Scissor Sisters on Madonna in "Shady Love":

- in the lyrics:
"She gon' vote for Obama and she likes to dance with Madonna"

- in the video with Madonna masks

From BlackBook:

Scissor Sisters & Azealia Banks Collaborate on 'Shady Love'
By Jeremy Gordon January 3, 2012

Azealia Banks had quite the 2011, tearing up year-end lists and dance floors with the irresistible "212." It's only fitting that her 2012 kicks off with similar fervor. The Harlem rapper appears on a new Scissor Sisters song, "Shady Love," which was released over the weekend. She's not in the video, unfortunately -- that one's left to an ensemble of school children acting out the song in a positively Rushmore-ian assembly, replete with choreographed dancers, Madonna masks, and confused parents wondering where their tax dollars are going.

Scissor Sisters ''Shady Love'' featuring Madonna

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