Sex Pistols songs in Madonna's film ''W.E.''

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Des chansons des Sex Pistols dans le film "W.E." de Madonna.

Last updated at 9:03 AM on 02nd April 2010
By Baz Bamigboye

Madonna's film W.E., a fantasy based on the Abdication Crisis and what became of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, will be full of what one could term pure 'Madge' touches.
Madonna, who has become an expert on the constitutional matters of our country through her research for the film, which begins shooting soon, has included some surreal moments in her screenplay.
She has the Sex Pistols song Anarchy blasting away during a scene set in 1935. In another segment, she has the Duchess, now 70, twisting away to the Sex Pistols' God save The Queen as her pugs nip at her heels, while her husband, the former King Edward VIII, lies dying on the other side of the room.
Clever old Madge has attracted some good actors to join W.E.  -  to date, Ewan McGregor, Vera Farmiga and Abbie Cornish.

Source: Mail Online.

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