Songs About Faith: Madonna N°1 with ''Like A Prayer''

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Chansons sur la Foi: Madonna N°1 avec "Like A Prayer".

Gotta Have Faith
Kanye's 'Jesus Walks' + More Religion-Themed Tracks
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Songs About Faith: 20 Tunes Rocking Religious Themes
Posted by Pat Pemberton

Singing about religion is a risky proposition for a secular act. Skeptical lyrics have the potential to seriously offend the public (remember when radio stations banned John Lennon's 'Imagine?') and/or alienate one's own fanbase. The flip side is that overly preachy or adoring songs can sound pretty square (which is why Christian rock often sounds so much like . . . Christian rock). Yet, some of the best songs with religious themes have been penned -- with great outcomes -- by rock, soul and pop acts. We count down our 20 favorite below.

20- 'Judas' Lady Gaga (2011)
19- 'Picture of Jesus' Ben Harper With the Blind Boys of Alabama (2004)
18- 'Intervention' Arcade Fire (2007)
17- 'God Is Love' Marvin Gaye (1971)
16- '40' U2 (1983)
15- 'Jesus Walks' Kanye West (2004)
14- 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' The Pixies (1989)
13- 'Dear God 2.0' The Roots Feat. Monsters of Folk (2010)
12- 'God Is Real' India.Arie (2002)
11- 'I Say a Little Prayer' Aretha Franklin (1967)
10- 'Have a Talk With God' Stevie Wonder (1976)
09- 'Letter to God' Sheryl Crow (2005)
08- 'Laughing With' Regina Spektor (2009)
07- 'One of Us' Joan Osborne (1995)
06- 'Tears of God' Los Lobos (1987)
05- 'Jesus Is Waiting' Al Green (1973)
04- 'Spirit in the Sky' Norman Greenbaum (1969)
03- 'Jesus is Just Alright' The Doobie Brothers (1972)
02- 'Turn! Turn! Turn!' The Byrds (1965)
01- 'Like a Prayer' Madonna (1989)
It was fitting that a singer named Madonna would write a song with gospel themes. But many churchgoers refused to welcome Madge with open arms after the release of this song, which seemed to be about Madonna's Catholic upbringing with a metaphor about a kneeling sex act. The video, complete with burning crosses and stigmata, added fuel to the fire.

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Songs About Faith: Madonna N°1 with ''Like A Prayer''
Songs About Faith: Madonna N°1 with ''Like A Prayer''
Songs About Faith: Madonna N°1 with ''Like A Prayer''

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