The Academy Was Once Just a Dream

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L'Académie était juste un rêve.


By Raising Malawi on 03.31.2010

This week Madonna and our team will leave for Malawi to see the first bricks laid for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls.
The Academy will be much more than just a school — in a country where one million children have been orphaned due to AIDS, the Academy will educate, protect, and empower young girls.
It will be a family and support center for many orphaned girls who have been left to raise their brothers and sisters. It will also be a source of protection and access to medical care and regular meals.
But we cannot forget — most importantly it will be an outstanding school. Never before will so many Malawian children have access to a school library, or be able to hold a textbook of their own.
We want you to be there with us.
Madonna has been so moved by the stories of inspiring women that people shared with us that she would like to share one person’s words at the brick-laying ceremony.
Would you like for Madonna to share your story? Share your dreams for these girls — send a message with Madonna.
This is a huge step for both Raising Malawi and the Malawian children that will benefit from the Academy. It is only the first of many.

Source: Raising Malawi.

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