''The Graham Norton show'' with Madonna on February 3, 2012 on 3 in New Zealand

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"The Graham Norton show" avec Madonna le 3 février 2012 sur 3 en Nouvelle-Zélande.

From Yahoo!7:

Madonna on Graham Norton show
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January 26, 2012, 11:56 am

Some are calling it the greatest television interview of the millennium, but whether you're a fan of Madonna or not, her turn on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, February 3rd at 9pm on 3, is worth tuning into - even just to see Graham Norton struck down by "fandom".
Next week sees Graham welcoming his "dream guest" to the sofa. Talking about everything from her upcoming album, her new movie, and her supposed rivalry with Lady Gaga, Madonna left Graham raving.
"Still high on Madonna love," he said afterwards.
But it was the Material Girl's thoughts on Lady Gaga that surprised the king of talk most.
Unlike the snide remarks that she made in previous interviews, where she referred to comparisons of herself to Gaga as "reductive", Madonna actually gave the pop princes a compliment.
In fact, she agreed that they share a similar sense of humour and that Gaga is quite talented as a performer.
"When I first saw her I was really impressed by her and she was cool," Madonna revealed during the interview. "She did remind me of me back in the day." Adding: "I do think she is very talented."
As well as her praise of Gaga, the interview also sees the legendary entertainer reveal the name of her upcoming album; whether she will ever walk down the aisle again; and exclusive details about her new movie, W.E..
Make sure not to miss all this when Graham Norton welcomes Madonna to the sofa on Friday, February 3rd at 9pm on 3.

''The Graham Norton show'' with Madonna on February 3, 2012 on 3 in New Zealand

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