‘The Marriage Ref’ with Madonna on TV on March 11, 2010

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‘The Marriage Ref’ avec Madonna à la TV le 11 mars 2010.

March 08, 2010
‘The Marriage Ref’ – Madonna Episode To Air March 11

Madonna’s episode of ‘The Marriage Ref’ will air on NBC this coming Thursday, at 10/9C.
Other guests include Ricky Gervais and Larry David.
Ready for a good laugh? Make sure to watch!
For more info about ‘The Marriage Ref’, please visit www.nbc.com/the-marriage-ref

Source: Madonna.com.

This Week's Panel of Experts
Madonna Ricky Gervais Larry David

Next On
Thursday, March 11, 10/9c
Tom Papa
and expert panelists Madonna, Larry David, and Ricky Gervais review the quirky disputes of married couples. TV-PG

Panelist, "The Marriage Ref"

Singer, songwriter, music producer, dancer and actor Madonna (born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) burst on the scene in 1982, using a combination of catchy pop songs and the then-new medium of music videos to make her mark. Her song "Borderline" began a remarkable run of 17 consecutive top ten singles; she went on to chart more number one singles than any other female artist-11 in all. For nearly 30 years, her concert tours have consistently ranked among the industry's highest grossing acts. A versatile performer with credits producing, writing, and directing, Madonna has also starred in multiple film roles, starring in "Desperately Seeking Susan," the documentary "Truth or Dare," as well as "Dick Tracy," "A League of Their Own," "Swept Away," and "Evita" among others.
She has won numerous MTV Music Awards, five Grammys, and a Golden Globe for her performance in "Evita."

Source: NBC.

‘The Marriage Ref’ with Madonna on TV on March 11, 2010

‘The Marriage Ref’ with Madonna on TV on March 11, 2010

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