The Press on Madonna at 2012 Golden Globe Awards

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La presse sur Madonna aux Golden Globe Awards 2012.

From SPIN:

Madonna Wins Golden Globe, Reznor Leaves Empty-Handed, Elton Leaves Pissed
By Marc Hogan on January 16, 2012 9:31 AM

Madonna is starting off her massive year with a victory. The Queen of Pop, who headlines the Super Bowl halftime show on February 5 and will release 12th album MDNA on March 12, took home the Golden Globe for Best Original Song last night. She nabbed the prize for downtempo love-as-art song "Masterpiece," from the film W.E., which she also directed.
The Material Girl beat out fellow nominees Lady Gaga and Elton John, Chris Cornell, Sinead O'Connor, and Mary J. Blige. After earlier this week describing Gaga's unmistakably Madonna-like "Born This Way" as "interesting," Madonna said of John last night, "I hope he speaks to me for the next million years. He'll win another award, though, so I don't feel bad." John had told red carpet reporters Madge "doesn't have a chance in hell" and looked pretty sour during the ceremony.
The Golden Globe was Madonna's second, following her 1997 win for best actress in a comedy or musical for Evita. Her "Masterpiece," won't be competing for an Oscar, however — the song failed to make the Academy Awards shortlist for best original song due to a technicality. Which means she won't be able to show off her dissing superpowers on Hollywood's biggest night (when presenting last night's award for best foreign language film, she told host Ricky Gervais, "If I'm still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don't you come over here and do something about it," adding, in the latest somewhat unfortunate reference to her one-time escapade with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at MTV's Video Music Awards, "I haven't kissed a girl in a few years — on TV.")
Another celebrated recording artist who has been making waves in the film world recently went home empty-handed. Trent Reznor, whose work with musical partner Atticus Ross for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was up for best original score, lost out to France's Ludovic Bource for The Artist. Reznor and Ross won the Golden Globe and the Oscar last year for their score to The Social Network. Reznor, who recently renewed his past talk about potential new Nine Inch Nails tunes, was quick to make light of the defeat, tweeting, "HOLY SHI (oh, nevermind!)." The Tattoo score is on the shortlist for an Oscar, with the final five nominees for best score to be announced on January 24.
Also: Wondering what the Golden Globes' official song was? Didn't know there was one? X Japan's Yoshiki composed the piece that underscored the ceremony per special request from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

From Contactmusic:

Madonna And Sir Elton In Globes War Of Words
16 January 2012 12:06

Madonna and Sir Elton John became embroiled in a war of words at the Golden Globes on Sunday (15Jan12) as they competed for the coveted Best Song prize.
The Rocket Man started the verbal spat by telling reporters on the red carpet that his rival "doesn't have a f**king chance of winning tonight," and when asked if those were "fighting words," he replied, "No, those are accurate words".
Madonna hit back when questioned about Sir Elton's remarks, asking reporters, "Was he wearing a dress?" adding, "May the best man win."
The Material Girl eventually emerged triumphant as her track Masterpiece from W.E. scooped the award for Best Original Song - Motion Picture, seeing off competition from Sir Elton's Hello, Hello from Gnomeo & Juliet.
And after her success, Madonna offered an olive branch to her rival, telling reporters, "I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years. He's known to get mad at me. He's brilliant and I adore him, so he will win another award. And I don't feel bad!"

From Billboard:

Elton John's Husband Rips Madonna; Stars Trade Barbs at Globes
by Marc Schneider, N.Y. | January 16, 2012 11:40 EST

The "feud" between Madonna and Elton John may have reached a zenith Sunday night (Jan. 15) at the Golden Globe Awards. Both pop superstars were up for best original song, and traded insults on the red carpet, but after the Material Girl emerged victorious, John's husband David Furnish laced into the Rocket Man's rival for her "embarrassing" and narcissistic acceptance speech.
Madonna Wins Best Original Song at Golden Globes
"Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!" Furnish said on Facebook, according to TMZ. "Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in its narcissism."
He also called Madonna's recent criticism of Lady Gaga "desperate."
Furnish may have been referring to several aspects of Madonna's speech, which came after her song "Masterpiece," from her film "W.E.," beat out John's "Hello Hello from "Gnomeo and Juliet."
In her remarks, Madonna deployed her now-familiar slight British accent to tell a story about how her manager, Guy Oseary, pressured her to write a song for the film. "He harangued me for the entire time I was filming and editing my movie to write a song. And I said, 'Please, Guy, I'm trying to focus on being a director and I want people to be able to pay attention to the film. And I don't have time.' So then I finished the film and I started making my record and somehow magically and miraculously the song emerged, 'Masterpiece,' so thank you, Guy Oseary, for being so irritating."
During the speech, in which Madonna corrected her own use of "who" and "whom," a camera panned to an expressionless Elton John.
A request for comment from Madonna's rep was not returned by press time.
Before the night's festivities, Elton told NBC's Carson Daly that Madonna "doesn't have a f***ing chance of winning tonight." After laughing, Daly asked if those were "fighting words" but Elton called them "accurate words."
When Daly told Madonna about Elton's jab, she asked, "Was he wearing a dress?' … adding, "may the best man win."
The "feud" between the pair may have started about seven years ago, when Madonna won best live act at the GQ Awards. His comment, "Madonna, best f**king live act? F*** off!'" bears striking resemblance to Furnish's reported rip at the Globes.
According to Us Weekly, Madonna voiced her hopes backstage that she and Elton could patch things up. "I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years," she quipped. "He's been known to get mad at me so I don't know. He's brilliant and I adore him so he'll win another award. I don't feel bad!"

From omg!:

Buzziest Moments from the Golden Globes
By Claudine Zap | Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes – January 16, 2012

The 69th annual Golden Globe awards show is kind of like the little sister of the award shows. It gets away with a bit more mischief and a lot more fun than its responsible, older sibling, the Academy Awards does later in the year. The Foreign Press Association seems to court controversy, asking back Ricky Gervais to host again this year even after his controversial comments last time around. Here, some of the show's top moments.
Madonna's Racy Comment
Madonna, who got a statue her tune "Masterpiece" from the movie "W.E.," which she also directed, stepped forward to present the award for best foreign film. And that's when things got naughty. Ricky Gervais started it with this introduction: "She's always vogue. She's a material girl. And she's just like a virgin," he said sarcastically.
Without missing a beat, Madonna stepped up to the mic and delivered this zinger: "If I'm still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don't you come over here and do something about it? I haven't kissed a girl in a few years … on TV."
Though she was looking back at her onstage kiss with Britney Spears, Madonna's (most likely unintentional) reference to another princess of pop didn't go unnoticed. Moments after Madonna joked about how long it's been since she "kissed a girl," the "I Kissed a Girl" singer herself, Katy Perry, tweeted, "Madge looks goooooood. I'd tap that. #goldenglobes." Oh, it's on!

From Contactmusic:

Madonna Hits Back At Ricky Gervais At Golden Globes
16 January 2012 13:45

It was the successful night for Madonna at Sunday's Golden Globes in Los Angeles (January 15, 2011), with the American pop superstar landing the prize for Best Original Song for W.E's ballad 'Masterpiece'. It was the second Globe for the singer-turned-filmmaker, who won Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for 'Evita' in 1997.
During her acceptance speech, Madonna thanked her long-time manager Guy Oseary and studio boss Harvey Weinstein, whom she described as "the punisher" and spoke of how he 'believed' in her latest movie. The singer, who releases new album M.D.N.A later this year, was the target for one of host Ricky Gervais' putdowns, but she was quick to offer a retort. When introducing the singer to present the award for Best Foreign Language Film, Gervais joked that she was "a material girl", "always in Vogue" and "Just like a virgin", pulling a 'hard to believe' face after mentioning the latter. When arriving on-stage, Madonna hit back, "If I'm still just like a virgin, Ricky. Then why don't you come over here and do something about it.I haven't kissed a girl in a few years. On TV". Keen to have the last laugh, the British comedian was seen running for his life across the back of the stage.
Madonna's song 'Masterpiece' is a simple ballad, co-written by James Harry, and included on the soundtrack to W.E, which tells the story of King Edward VIII and his relationship with socialite Wallis Simpson. In the category of Best Original Score, Frenchman Ludovic Bource surprisingly beat Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross who were tipped to land the prize for their work on David Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

The Press on Madonna at 2012 Golden Globe Awards

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