Tracy Anderson doesn't miss working with Madonna

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Travailler avec Madonna ne manque pas à Tracy Anderson.

Tracy Anderson's Madonna Admission
29 June 2010 06:00:25

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson doesn't miss working with Madonna as she says their partnership took up too much of her time.
Tracy Anderson doesn't miss working with Madonna.
The celebrity trainer worked with the 51-year-old singer for three years and was credited with giving her the highly-toned physique she has now, but Tracy is relieved she's now longer a client because it took up too much of her time.
She said: "Gone are the days I give myself to a celebrity. Madonna was my priority for three years but that's not why I set out to do this. Now I have a long list of people who I design a programme for, but my time is now spent on my company. I can't just be training a celebrity. I didn't do 11 years of research and development for that."
"I don't miss it at all. It served a purpose and we had a tremendous amount of success together. I think she's amazing but it's not sustainable."
However, one celebrity she still works with is Gwyneth Paltrow, who she got into shape after the birth of her second child Moses and is now her business partner.
She told Britain's Star magazine: "She was so transformed and inspired by The Method that she thought, 'This has transformed my life and my body, and every woman in the world has to have this. How do we make it happen?' I think she's phenomenal."

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