True love for Madonna?

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Amour vrai pour Madonna?

By Liz Smith
Updated: February 10, 2010, 6:53 AM

To think, I only had to wait 50 years for this!That’s what Madonna told a friend months ago discussing her love affair with the 22-year-old Jesus Luz. (And she wasn’t just talking about the sex.) Mr. Luz is apparently attentive, tender and in tune with Madonna in a way she feels she missed out on with her two ex-husbands and, well, others.. .
Nobody believes me when I say it, but Madonna is an old-fashioned romantic. A bouquet of daisies and a candlelit dinner goes a long way with famous women who can buy and sell any guy they meet. (As Elizabeth Taylor remarked of her last hubby, Larry Fortensky, who was 20 years her junior: “No boy is poor if he has a loving heart.” And, no boy is poor if he can make a killing in the divorce settlement.)
Talk swirled last week that Madonna and Jesus had split. Within 48 hours of this gossip flurry, there they were in London, kissing up a storm at a movie premiere. She also chatted up her ex, Guy Ritchie, at the same event. And, she danced like a dervish with a bevy of hot men at the after-party.
Do I think Madonna might marry Jesus? Not likely. She may be a romantic but she’s not a fool. Still, I expect this relationship to endure for several more happy years. More power to them both.

Source: The Buffalo News.

True love for Madonna?
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