Tyson Ballou: ''To work with Madonna was a great surprise''

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Tyson Ballou: "Travailler avec Madonna était une grande surprise".

A framed interview with model Tyson Ballou
Posted Jun 8, 2010

Tyson Ballou has shared with Swide his impressions after shooting the MDG campaign with Madonna.
Tyson Ballou
does not need to be introduced; he is one of the outstanding male models that have worked for the fashion big names. His modelling includes campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Versace, Exte, Calvin Klein and of course Dolce&Gabbana. This Texan who started his modelling career at the age of fifteen as nothing to envy to famous models such as Mark Vanderloo. He is known as much for his flawless body than for his professionalism. He will surely pass the test of time and should continue to surprise us and enchant us.
You might have seen him a lot lately, indeed he is the handsome mysterious man seducing Madonna in the MDG sunglasses advertising spot. The campaign was shot by Steven Klein in New York and confirms Tyson’s charisma and beauty.  We went backstage and had a few words with The Body… It was all about sunglasses of course!

1/ How was it to work with Madonna for the MDG campaign?
It was a great surprise as I only found out that I would work with her on the day of the shoot. I enjoyed it a lot.

2/ Apart from protecting your eyes from the sun, in which occasions do you wear sunglasses?
To cope with after-party mornings, to watch the world around, to hide from paparazzi…
In all these occasions, my thing is to spend a fortune on a pair of sunglasses and to leave it somewhere for someone else to enjoy… In a word, I tend to loose them.

3/ Do you think a pair of sunglasses does influence a look?
Of course, like a hat would do.

4/ What are the most important criteria in choosing a pair of sunglasses?
The style, it has to suit the shape of your face. I prefer lenses that are quite dark, brown reddish tones to almost black.

5/ One can easily break or loose a pair, which one did you manage to keep the longest and what did happen to it?
I have never managed to keep a pair for a very long time, one of my favourite pairs that a friend gave me were lost in 2 weeks. There were quite exclusive, when I got them they were not even sold yet. The sunglasses I am wearing today might be the ones that I have had for the longest time, maybe because I have lost them but managed to find them.

Source: Swide Magazine by Dolce&Gabbana.

Tyson Ballou: ''To work with Madonna was a great surprise''
Tyson Ballou: ''To work with Madonna was a great surprise''
Tyson Ballou: ''To work with Madonna was a great surprise''
Madonna with model Tyson Ballou shooting the MDG Sunglasses campaing.
Photos: Steven Klein.

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