Video: Hungarian interview with Madonna by French and Saunders

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Vidéo: Interview hongroise de Madonna par French and Saunders.

French and Saunders read a poorly translated Hungarian interview with Madonna.
Originally aired on BBC2's French and Saunders show.

From MLive:

BBC duo's hilarious reading of Madonna's Hungarian translation train wreck
Published: Monday, January 09, 2012, 10:32 AM
Updated: Monday, January 09, 2012, 10:34 AM
By Ashley C. Woods |

"In America, is it is not considered to be mentally ill for a woman to advance on her prey in a discotheque."
This is just one of the gems that have surfaced from the transcript of an interview Madonna gave to a Hungarian journalist -- with unfortunate results.
The BBC2's "French & Saunders Show" decided on a whim to act out a transcript from Madonna's press tour for "Evita," in which Madge sat down with the country's Blikk newspaper.
The questions were asked in Hungarian and translated into English for the singer/actress's benefit. Her answers were delivered in English and translated back into the paper's native tongue.
"So you can see, it got a bit mangled. Legend has it that USA Today wanted a copy of it. So the Blikk interview was re-translated from Hungarian back into English."
A few gems that surfaced from the comedy of errors:
"Madonna, let's cut towards the hunt. Are you a bold hussy woman who feasts on men who are tops?"
"How many Hungarian men have you dated in bed?"
"Is this how you met Carlos, your love-servant?"
Listen to the hilarity below. 

Video: Hungarian interview with Madonna by French and Saunders

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