Video: Madonna and Lady Gaga's SNL Rehearsal Skit

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Vidéo: Les répétitions du sketch de Madonna et Lady Gaga de SNL.

Madonna and Lady Gaga's SNL Rehearsal Skit: The Better Version
By Foster Kamer
Nov 1, 2009 6:45 PM  12,187

Last night, Saturday Night Live did a re-run of the fairly interesting Ryan Reynolds-hosted episode from earlier this month. In it was a skit with musical performer Lady Gaga and a Madonna cameo. But they re-aired the funnier, racier version.
The interesting thing about this is that Saturday Night Live by no means has to edit the episode to contain the rehearsal footage skit; they could've just run the same episode and be fine. You have to wonder where along the chain of command someone said "run the funnier version." But why couldn't they have just performed it the first time?
Eh. SNL disappointment shouldn't come as a surprise to many, but the fact that they hold back on the good stuff is just depressing. Then again, it's nice to know they're making an effort to put it out there. Here's hoping they can add some pizazz to a fairly blase November schedule.

Source: Defamer/Gawker.

Madonna and Lady Gaga's SNL Rehearsal Skit - Saturday Night Live


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