Video: Madonna launches clothing line with daughter

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Vidéo: Madonna lance sa ligne de vêtements avec sa fille.

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Mother and daughter relationships do not get much closer than this. Madonna and her 13-year-old, Lourdes Leon, are regularly spotted on red carpets together. Now they have hooked up to design a clothing line.
The collection for US department store Macys is named after the Queen of Pop's 1985 hit, Material Girl.
"Everyone relates that title to me because of the song that I did three million years ago and it's one of those things that I got stuck with," said the superstar, 51, explaining why she took the name from her famous track.
Madonna collaborated with high street chain H&M in 2007. Her newest range of tops, skirts and leggings are aimed at a younger market. Her teen lookalike, nicknamed Lola, proved to be the perfect inspiration.
"I really like the way Lola dresses and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste," said Madge.
"We like to combine like a plaid or a flannel with lace, or leather with lace. You can put things on. You can take things off and switch things up and it's really the way that my daughter dresses," she added.

Source: ITN.

Video: Madonna launches clothing line with daughter

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