Madonna: ‘I’m an Old Woman’

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Madonna: ‘Je suis une vieille femme’.

Oct 27 2009. Posted by Adam

SUPERSTAR Madonna has described herself as “the old woman that lived in a shoe”.
The singer — who finalized her divorce from Guy Ritchie earlier this year — says she’s adjusting to her new life in a small New York apartment after moving out of the English country pile she shared with the film director.
I am happy to be back in America,” she told British newspaper The Sun. “I’m happy to be living in New York.
Last year was a very stressful year – I’m not going to lie about it.
I feel good now though. I feel like I have adapted to my new life.
My apartment is a bit small. I’m like the old woman that lived in a shoe.”
Madge — who’s currently being “serviced” by a 22-year-old Brazilian model called Jesus Luz — recently insisted she’d never cheat on her man.
I’m not saying I’m not sexy and provocative but I’m a one-man woman when you get down to it,” she said.

Source: Showbiz Spy.

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